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This isn’t your typical talent awards show. But if you’ve been using Oracle ERP Cloud to bring finance and HR closer together and achieve excellence in finance talent management, we want to make a song and dance about you.

Today, top CEOs recognize the true strategic value of top finance talent. If Oracle Cloud has helped you walk the tightrope between finance and HR, juggle recruitment demands and cost concerns, and keep all of your talent plates spinning in unison, we want to know!

Award Criteria
The Top Talent Award recognizes an organization using Oracle ERP Cloud in conjunction with Oracle HCM Cloud to attract, develop, and retain the very best finance talent available. Special consideration will be given to any organization where:

  • Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud are used together to gain a unified view into the workforce—improving security and governance, workflows, and reporting and analysis

  • Finance and HR partner to develop a robust finance talent pipeline and retain top talent

  • Finance uses Oracle HCM Cloud to onboard new finance professionals and train them

Ready to share your talent with us? Visit our nomination page today, and your heroic efforts could be officially recognized at the Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.