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If there’s a genius in your shared services organization, it’s time to give them a well-deserved high five. We’re talking intelligent process automation, adding emerging technologies and machine learning into next-generation shared services.

As a shared services trailblazer, you know that automating routine tasks is the key to freeing your people up to focus on the things that really matter—like innovation, service improvement, and other value-adding activities. From greater economies of scale to higher levels of service delivery, this award is as much about the results as it is about the technology.

Award Criteria
The Shared Services Superstar Award recognizes a shared services organization using Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud to achieve best-in-class service delivery using digital capabilities. Special consideration will be given to organizations that can demonstrate:

  • Development of centers of expertise to support strategic processes

  • Development of analytics-based capabilities that support improved decision-making

  • Incorporation of next-generation technologies and methodologies—such as intelligent process automation, machine learning, or agile methodologies—to drive large-scale automation, free up capacity, and increase flexibility

If you think your efforts measure up, we want you to share your success! Visit our nomination page today, and your heroic efforts could be officially recognized at the Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.