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If you rely on weather forecasts created months in advance, pretty soon you’ll end up waist-deep in snow, wearing your best Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirt. Much like those fashion choices, acting on outdated forecasts isn’t a great look on anyone.

For a forecast to stay accurate, it must be changed frequently using the most recent and relevant data available—and doing that at speed requires both sophisticated technology and an agile approach to planning.

If you’re constantly re-forecasting to get ahead of change and using best-practice methodologies like driver-based rolling forecasts to plan at the speed of business, we want you!

Award Criteria
The Roll with It Award honors an organization that has significantly increased its agility using the continuous planning functionality in Oracle EPM Cloud to adopt a rolling forecast model. Special consideration will be given to organizations that use Oracle EPM Cloud to:

  • Update forecasts frequently using the most recent and relevant data available

  • Significantly reduce the use of manual spreadsheets in the planning process

  • Automate manual forecasting tasks with emerging technologies, such as predictive analytics or intelligent process automation

  • Speed response time-to-market challenges or opportunities using driver-based rolling forecasts

  • Exploit the “wisdom of crowds” to drive planning across the extended enterprise

If the clouds are parting and a beam of light is shining down on you, we want to know! Visit our nomination page today, and your heroic efforts could be officially recognized at the Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.