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In 1999, Oracle Founder Larry Ellison made a famously bold claim to financial analysts. He said that by using its own business applications, Oracle could save US$1 billion annually. It seemed steep—almost impossible at the time—but one year later, Ellison made good on his word.

Oracle didn’t just save more than a billion dollars. It also improved its operating margins by 11.7 points the next year—thus beginning the legend of the Oracle Billion Dollar Story.

Today, we’re looking for exceptional organizations that are following in our footsteps—using Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud to deliver savings similar in scale to those famously achieved by Oracle.

Award Criteria
If you’re using Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud to create your own Billion Dollar story, we want to hear from you! You don’t have to save a billion to win, but nominations must meet the following criteria:

  • You have migrated your on-premises ERP applications to Oracle ERP Cloud

  • You’ve simplified your environment by standardizing—or moving to standardize—on a single instance of Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud

  • You’ve centralized processes when it makes sense, to strengthen control and eliminate duplication

  • You’ve streamlined and automated as many processes as possible, embracing touchless transactions

  • You can demonstrate significant savings through your IT transformation

Ready to share your story?
If you’re on your way to saving a billion, we want to know! Visit our nomination page today, and your heroic efforts could be officially recognized at the Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.