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According to a study by Nucleus Research, cloud applications now deliver a whopping 3.2 times the ROI of on-premises deployments. Whether you’ve improved budgeting, made processes more efficient, or automated tasks that previously consumed hundreds of man hours, we want to hear from customers using Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud to deliver cost savings.

For this award, we’re not just looking for the largest amount of money saved; we want to see high savings relative to the size of your business and how you measured those savings.

Award Criteria

The Frugal Finance Award will honor an organization that has achieved dramatic cost savings using Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud based on the following criteria:

  • Implementation cost savings, such as savings due to lower initial and ongoing costs to implement, including the ability to deliver greater value over time without the cost and disruption associated with upgrading, expanding, or changing business applications

  • Process-driven cost savings, due to automation of key back-office processes or rollout of new cost-reduction strategies such as zero-based budgeting

  • Use of emerging technologies —such as machine learning, blockchain or the Internet of Things — to automate rote or manual tasks and save costs on manual labor

If you think your savings fit the bill, we want to know! Visit our nomination page today, and your heroic efforts could be officially recognized at the Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.