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For a cloud ninja like you, implementing a new ERP or EPM cloud system is a breeze. Where others deliver results in months, you think in weeks. If you’ve turned a great implementation into major business transformation in a matter of weeks, you’re just what we’re looking for.

For this award, we’re looking for nominees that have achieved significant results with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud or Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud in around 8 to 12 weeks.

Award Criteria

The Fast Finance Award will celebrate organizations with the fastest, highest-impact implementation of Oracle ERP or EPM Cloud. Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Implementation speed and quality, including the quality of the project plan and system design, adoption of best-practice business processes, successful execution of implementation timeline, a strong data migration strategy, and high user engagement and adoption

  • Implementation business impact, such as how the new system is enabling the organization to grow, absorb a new acquisition, roll out a new subsidiary or business unit, evolve the business model, and/or generally succeed in today’s fast-paced economic environment

If you think your implementation could put you in pole position, we want to know! Visit our nomination page today, and your heroic efforts could be officially recognized at the Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.